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Learn More Russian in 12 Weeks
Than in the Previous 12 Months

Language Heroes is a community of guys and girls from Russia who are passionate about learning foreign languages, and if you want to learn Russian, it’s one of the best places to find Russian-speaking language partners and friends!

Let’s go!


Russian can be rather challenging language and that requires lots of effort to learn. We will help you achieve your goals by providing an engaging and unique learning experience!


«Language Heroes» is a diverse community of language learners from Russia that help, inspire, and motivate each other to reach their language goals. Join our team and get access to one of the friendliest Russian speaking communities on the Internet!


We help people to understand how to study foreign languages. We provide various tools and show different approaches that help you become a better language learner!

Who are the Language Heroes?

Language Heroes are people from Russia who have set a goal to learn a foreign language. We meet in a closed community on vk.com and we study every day for 12 weeks. Everyone chooses his/her own learning materials to work with, however, we love sharing and recommending stuff that works! (We sell nothing :))

We have united over 300 Russians studying various languages, and now we are calling for people from all over the world who are learning or planning to learn Russian. Right now we purely communicate in Russian , so if your level of Russian is B1-C2, you’ll fit right in.

However, if there are enough participants who want to start learning Russian from scratch, we will definitely provide all necessary support and the tasks will be given in English as well:)

And, of course, you will find people who are learning your native language and become language partners (and even friends)!

Посмотреть, что у нас творится, можно вот тут: vk.com/petitepolyglot

I am constantly telling my husband how much more colourful and fulfilling my life has become since starting Language Heroes in June. I’ve always loved learning languages, and I’ve never stopped doing it. What I lacked was a focused study period and a group of people I could share my progress with. Now, thanks to Language Heroes, I have all of it and more. It reminds me of being back at university and I study just as much as I did back then. But it’s much better.  Why? Because I can choose what I do and organize my learning time – all in all, I feel euphoric


Spanish, Language Heroes II

Kill Your Procrastination!

Have you ever tried to learn Russian but failed because you didn’t study regularly or enough?

Language Heroes is the missing piece of the puzzle that will fill that gap and help you achieve results! (We call it «Волшебный Пендель» :)

We learn to set the correct goals, find time even in the most busy schedule, and to overcome our laziness and fears. We will encourage you to learn every day, so, you will be able to advance in your Russian studies pretty quickly!

What’s more, it’s a game where the winner get a prize!

I am a gamer to the core, and my usual summer would consist of 3 months of video games. But this summer since joining Language Heroes I haven’t even so much as looked at a video game!


Swedish & German language, Language Heroes II

Learn Exactly What YOU Need!

The key difference of Language Heroes from language courses and lessons is that we don’t offer a standard programme where you are told what to do. You decide what you want to learn, what goals you want to achieve, and work for it.

We leave lots of space for creativity and research, so studying with us becomes a real language adventure!

However, we show you various options, recommend resourses, and, of course, you will be able to practice your Russian on the most popular social network in Russia (it is field training that you won’t find even in the best text book!)

Language Heroes is about immersing yourself for the next 12 weeks in a real Russian speaking environment. Become friends with Russians who know exactly how you feel and what you are going through because they are learning languages with you!







I’ve been studying Chinese for quite a long time. To be honest, I had never been able to make myself study EVERY day. It was always too late, or I was too tired, or I had other stuff to do. But now excuses don’t wash anymore, and I study every available second. And the results speak for themselves. I got 99 out of 100 for my university entrance exam!


Chinese, Language Heroes II

Learn to Learn Russian (or Any Other Language) by Yourself!

Every week you will receive a task. You’re going to work on your pronunciation, look through basic grammar, expand your vocabulary, and improve your listening, writing and speaking skills.

As a result, you’ll have all the necessary tools to be able to see the bigger picture of language learning. You’ll be able to speed up your progress and soon see results.

And I know I keep going on about it but did I mention you’ll be able to put your Russian into practice right away?

Two weeks into the marathon I had a major break-through that occured during a class with a native speaker. Before that I could barely say anything, and most of the time panic restricted me to “yes” or “no” answers as I was overwhelmed by even the simplest of conversations (that’s what introverts are like). During the second week my brain was like “that’s it, now or never”. To my surprise, suddenly I was  just going for it! I was describing pictures, expressing my feelings, asking questions, trying to explain myself  – all in Portuguese! My teacher wasn’t expecting that either. She’d heard of Language Heroes and she said it must be really working for me to improve so much in just 2 weeks.


Portuguese, Language Heroes II

How to Join Us?

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