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Russian as a foreign language

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Russian as a foreign language (participation in Language Heroes with guided instruction in English)

Start: 30.09.2019
Level 1: for any level

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«Language Heroes» is a Russian online language learning community uniting people passionate about languages.

Our unique program is a language marathon which lasts for 12 weeks and consists of a guided linguistic program, orientation in online materials and the support of a closed group community on Vk.com (it’s a Russian version of Facebook)

Each marathon we unite over 800 Russians studying various languages, and we’ve already opened our doors to several dozens of foreigners willing to master or just to start studying Russian. After 3 months, participants show significant increase in their language skills.


Here’s what you get from within our program:

— weekly tasks both in English and Russian aimed at improving various language skills and transforming you into an indepedent language learner

— support of an English-speaking mentor (recomendations on text-books and useful materials, answering your questions, various challenges etc) You may choose either English or Russian

— access to the most amazing and productive online language learning community in Russia

Moreover, you will surely find people who are learning your native language and may become your language partners or even friend


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